4 DIY Home Improvement Ideas for You This Winter

diy improvements

During the cold winter months your social calendar starts to slow down. Aside from the obvious Christmas peak period, darker nights and undesirable weather means you start to spend more time inside, freeing up a lot of your time. This give you ample opportunity to tackle some of those niggling tasks that you’ve just been too busy to tackle. As a result, the end of summer brings the time for change and not just in the physical season.

With more spare time, people want to spruce up their homes just in time for Christmas and also to match the colours of the Autumn and Winter months. When tackling those DIY jobs, it often refers to those little niggly improvements such as fixing broken lights, adding some new storage space or redecorating. The best bit about DIY improvements is that they don’t cost an arm and a leg to do as you obviously do it all yourself. So, to give you a helping hand we’ve listed 4 top tips to help you improve your home this winter.

  1. Give Your Social Spaces a Facelift

Now you have the time, take the opportunity to give your social spaces a makeover. You may be thinking, this is hardly a top tip but this is a simple step that offers the most benefit to you from a personal and cosmetic standpoint. Your interior can rejuvenate your home and create that haven a long, stressful day so you shouldn’t underestimate it as a DIY step. Refreshing the walls, adding new accent colours, introducing new furniture and even ornaments are all ways you can quickly give your space a facelift.

This winter interior trend is to invest in calmer, more relaxing shades to create a more peaceful setting to live in. After a dull day, there’s nothing worse than coming home to a dull home so treat yourself! You deserve to own a haven that you’re proud to show off so stop putting it off!

  1. Go Green

Unless you’ve been living underground for the last decade, you should know that more than ever do more and more people need to be now looking go green. Something that we’re all guilty of not fully getting on board with, now is the time to take an active step to improve our green footprint. By going eco-friendlier you will as a result see a multitude of long term benefits especially from a financial point of view. Whether you invest in recycle bins, upgrade your insulation or donate your old belongings rather than dumping them, it all helps! You will not only be helping your wallets health but you will be taking a great step towards benefiting our environment.

  1. Reinsulate Your Home

A home that is well insulated can help you out in many ways. Investing some money and time into insulating your home will not only help you enjoy a warmer winter, but it will also help you lower your utility bills to ensure your wages aren’t being eaten up by the central heating. There’s now even now electronic thermostats you can implement into your home that manage your heating around your home needs and lifestyle in a cost effective way.

  1. The Patio Party

A lot of people seem to think the garden is just for the summer, however this is no longer the case. When socialising with friends late into the night, there is no better place to enjoy it then around a fire pit in the garden. There are millions of rattan garden furniture ranges out there now that incorporate a fire pit in the centre of the seating. If you add an umbrella or canapé structure to the top of this to cover you from the rain, you can sit out, be warm and enjoy the night!

A great DIY project is to create an enclosure seating area that will house your social antics. Once you getting the seat in there, you can build walls of plants and flowers surrounding it to shelter you from the weather. Invest in some cute solar lights and a BBQ and your winter wonderland nights are solved. This is especially good for those of you who are limited in space inside of their homes -plus it’s another place to escape from the kids!

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