Feng Shui Your Home for a Faster Sale

Now before you boo hoo the idea of Feng Shui, which is the ancient Chinese practice of making energetic and physical adjustments to a space in order to create balance and flow, as superstitious mumbo jumbo, let’s open our minds and think about why you landed on this article.

If you’ve found yourself here it might mean you’re trying to sell your home and it’s been taking much longer than expected, or you’re anticipating selling your home and you’re feeling fearful about some aspect of the process. It also might surprise you that using Feng Shui in real estate sales is not as outlandish as one might think.

First things first, don’t be fearful, having negative energy or feelings about the sale is setting you up for bad Feng Shui, which you’ll learn more about in a bit.

But if you’re feeling a tad skeptical, know that Feng Shui has been around since 4000 B.C., so it’s definitely working for people.

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Here are some Feng Shui principles you can apply now that can help you sell your home:

Focus on the Front

You’ve probably given some thought to your home’s curb appeal as you’ve been prepping to sell, but there could be a few things right at the very front of your home creating bad energy.

For example, is there a mirror that’s directly facing the front door of your home? While mirrors can be used to bring in good feng shui in many areas of your home, a mirror at the front is essentially reflecting any good energy right back out the door and not welcoming it in.

Feng shui also breaks your home in to zones, and when your intent is to sell it’s smart to focus on the zones of wealth, career, fame and helpful people. The career zone happens to be right at the front door, and good feng shui for your career zone includes water energy and the color yellow. You could incorporate these things by installing a small tabletop water feature, or an art print depicting water, and a vase of yellow flowers

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Mindfully Redecorate

When it comes to the other three zones of your home, you can make some good feng shui decor changes there as well.

The wealth zone of your home, which is back left from the front door, responds well to wind and the color green, so you may want to consider placing wind chimes near that area on the exterior of your home and incorporate some plants.

The helpful people zone, which is to the right of the front door, favors modern lines and metallic hues. Placing metallic decor details like a wine rack or a black and white photograph will allow good energy to flow in to this area of your home. The fame zone is connected to the element of fire, so lighting some candles here can bring in that element if you don’t have a fireplace.

Balance Your Energy Flow

Some areas in your home might be susceptible for bad energy flow and some areas might not have energy flowing at all.

Bad energy flow could be due to hefty pieces of furniture blocking entry points throughout the room, such as windows, or you could have sharp angles of a table pointing to an entryway, which is bad Feng shui.

Other rooms in your home that you may not enter every day, like a guest bedroom, could be feeling stagnant and pull down the overall energy of your home. Try breathing life back in to this room by making a point to enter that room every day and consider bringing in a plant as well.

So now that you’ve got some relatively simple changes you can make to move along the sale of your home, let’s put them in to action.

Then your next step is to start packing because you’ll be moving before you know it!

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