How to Choose the right domestic staff for your home


Running a home can be difficult, especially when the individuals involved have kids and are working-class parents. It is almost impossible to keep the home as tasteful as you would like alongside your busy schedules. At this point, a domestic staff is your best bet. But how do you ensure you get someone that fits just what you want. For a lot of people, this can be a huge challenge as it is not as simple as just finding the right personality match. Ensuring that the person is honest, trustworthy and above all, they are who they say they are is critical. More so, a private or domestic staff should be flexible, possess excellent interpersonal skills and a strong knowledge of caring for a home.

Often times, it is advisable to use the services of a private staff hiring firm as they know what to look out for in an individual, they help you do all the vetting and background check of the individual before hiring and sending them over to your home based on your needs and specific requirements. Over the years, we have worked with several domestic staff and from our experience, here are a few tips on what you should do when hiring a staff in other to protect your home and family:

Conduct Interviews

Arrange for an interview with the candidate, conduct this interview with someone else you trust. This is good as it ensures that you are getting a “second judgment” on the candidate’s personality. People interpret things differently, this way, you get a reliable second opinion, and like the saying goes “two heads are better than one.” Ask all the necessary questions. The candidate’s responses would determine further questions to ask if necessary. Watch their body language and how they respond to your questions.

Cross Check their references and previous work experiences

When you decide on a particular candidate, cross check their references. Verify that they exist, their relationship with the candidate, how long they have known them and any other concerns you may have. Check their previous work experience if any and verify the dates, how long they worked with the person, how they conducted themselves during the work period, why the person left and if they would recommend the person. In cases where the person may have worked for a high net worth individuals or high profile individuals, it is most likely that some form of discretion would be observed. In such situations, demand for a letter headed reference or verification from their personal assistants. Be careful of candidates who cannot provide references.

Do an additional background check

Doing an additional background check on your prospective candidate to check if the person has any criminal records of any form will give you greater peace of mind. Being thorough cannot be overemphasized as this person would be working in your home. Taking the extra steps is just you doing your due diligence to protect your home and family.

Getting it right from the onset will – in the long term save you heartaches and can possibly go on to be a good and long term relationship with the candidate.

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