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4 DIY Kitchen Decorating Ideas On A Budget

Decorating alone can be a tricky business, when the time arrives that you want to re-up a part of your home after looking the same for years there is a great deal to consider. Sadly, one such factor that outweighs all others is money, a simple decoration job can cost the Earth if you so wish but many of us simply don’t have the funds to throw at our home. If you find yourself in this bracket then don’t worry as it is possible to redecorate on a budget, often with beautiful results. We want to share with you today 4 great ideas for how you can give your kitchen a little makeover for very little expense and here they are.

Paint Cabinets

Replacing cabinets can be one of the most costly parts of redecorating your kitchen, if your cabinets are in need of a change then instead of replacing them, you can simply paint them. Painting your cabinets not only give you a quick fix that has a huge impact but it is also far more cost effective and will save you the time of searching DIY stores for your next kitchen cabinets, something that is rarely easy and never fun to do.

Stick-on Tiles

Adding a tiled section to your kitchen can have a really beautiful impact, depending on the layout of your kitchen you could add tiles behind the sink area, around the sides of the kitchen below the cabinets or even full wall tiling. Glossy tiles look the best as they give the kitchen a mirrored effect which helps to make it look larger. Tiles can be expensive, so can the accessories to put them on the wall once you start adding the cost of grout and spacers. To avoid these costs look for stick on tiles, they are large sheets of tiled paper that simply sticks onto the wall and gives the exact same effect as tiles, you would literally never know. Stick on tiles are the perfect solution for adding tiling it your kitchen, easy to add and cheap to buy.

Up-Cycled Chairs

The craze of up-cycling is helping both the planet and people’s creativity as they seek to add something original to their home. The method of up cycling is to buy something old, in this case chairs, from your local charity store,  once you buy them, strip them down to their bare material and get creative. This is a great cost-effective way of adding some funky new chairs to your kitchen table and will give the kitchen an original design.

Make Use of Jars

We all have empty jars, whether they be from jams, sauces, fruits or pickled onions, usually when the jars are finished we throw them out, don’t do this as they can really work for you in the kitchen. Once finished, give the jars a rinse and then use them for a huge range of storage solutions. You can label the jars and use them for herbs and spices, alternatively you can place them on your kitchen table with flowers in, anything you like. The beauty of using jars in the kitchen is that the light reflects off them giving a great look, this can not only be a storage solution saver but also add a char to your redecorated kitchen.

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