Ways To Redo Your Flooring That Won’t Break The Bank


When it comes to home renovations, it can be a stressful time especially if you aren’t sure whether or not to undertake the work yourself or to hire professionals, especially when it comes to a seemingly large job like redoing your flooring. The good news is that when it comes to flooring it doesn’t have to be a huge job, especially if you’re willing to get some friends to help or change things up a bit. Here are a couple of great ways you can make a flooring job easier for you, just in time for the weather to change so you have a new space to enjoy all winter long.

Get Friends To Help

This is probably one of the best, if not most fun ways to get your floors sorted out. What better way to spend some time with the friends than working on a cool DIY project together? Start the day right with coffees and pastries from your favourite shops and then help one another out by removing the old flooring, carpet or tile and working as a team to put it all back together with the new stuff. Celebrate a job well done with pizzas and beer after the new flooring is in place, with an all around great bonding moment for you and all your favourite friends. After all, what are friends for?

Hire A Pro

The most straightforward option for anyone wanting to replace flooring in the house, hiring a professional will  ensure the job doesn’t just get done right, but also that someone else does all the clean up. Using a professional will mean there’s no second guessing on tile sizes, measurements or placement and you can rest easy and take a load off knowing that your flooring is in the best hands possible. The only downside to hiring a professional is the cost affiliated with the work, but if money is no object or you really don’t know the first thing about flooring, this is the best option.

Click In Place

The great thing about click in place flooring is that almost literally anyone can do it themselves. Similar to putting a puzzle together, click in place flooring can be easily cut to fit specific corners, edges and tight areas and is easy to place, easy to clean and all around a great, cheaper alternative if you want something potentially expensive like engineered oak wood floors or some types of stone or tile. Lifestyleflooring.co.uk has a whole host of different types of this kind of click in place flooring. If plain looking hardwood isn’t your thing, why not give your floors a distressed look with some beautiful Van Gogh vinyl tiling for an old farmhouse feel.

So if you’re looking at redoing your floors this year to make a splash over the winter with all those great parties coming up over the Christmas and holiday season, consider redoing your floors. Now is a great time before the weather gets too cold or wet, so start today!


Christmas Traditions – What Are Your Favourites?


Do you have a favourite holiday film? What about a holiday tradition? Maybe watching certain films IS your holiday tradition, alongside a couple of cups of eggnog and your favourite naughty treats. Do you curl up under a blanket on Christmas Eve with your favourite people for your annual flick? Which is it? Do you have more than one? Or maybe you all sit around and daydream about what it would be like to be inside your favourite Christmas flick. Which one would you pick?

Home Alone 1 and 2

These two are the quintessential Christmas flick (as well as just any other time of year). Who doesn’t like watching Kevin Mcallister thwart the botched and bungled robberies of Harry and Marv? Filled with just enough comedic drama to entertain viewers of all ages, these two in the Home Alone franchise are particularly endearing to many around the world. With part one happening in his hometown of Chicago, and part two taking place in New York City, little Kevin finds himself time and again trying to come up with genius ways to stop the relatively dimwitted robbers. With other celebrities such as John Candy in Home Alone and Tim Curry in Home Alone 2, both films are littered with interesting cameos by famous faces. Be sure to watch for Donald Trump in Home Alone 2 – you won’t want to miss it.

Speaking Of Home Alone….

Have you ever lusted after that great big, beautiful house the Mcallister’s have? Who hasn’t, right? Not only that, but to own a house of that calibre AND be able to afford to take the family to Paris for Christmas? It sounds like the perfect life, doesn’t it? Did you know that the house which is actually located in Winnetka, Illinois last sold for over 1.3 million dollars? You’d have to have one heck of a job to be able to afford all that at Christmas, not to mention the fact their tree is frequently loaded with presents in both films! How much do you spend at Christmas? Does it differ year after year or do you stick to a pretty strict budget? Chill Money have released a great infographic all about Christmas films, and the price it would cost to redo the Mcallister house after Kevin’s adventures – you might be surprised at what you learn from it!

Spending Habits During The Holidays

Do you have certain things you can’t be without during the holidays? A special treat that just makes the season or something that is definitely a tradition for you and your family? Do you put money aside specifically for these special treats every year? Many people do, and in fact some of the tradition can include heading out to the store to pick out these treats and snacks to watch your favourite movies with. So what traditions do your family enjoy during the holidays?

So whether you are a fan of daydreaming over your favourite Christmas flicks or you’re on the hunt for the perfect snacks to eat while you partake in your annual movie traditions, one thing is for certain – Christmas is a time of year that continues to be magical year after year regardless of how you spend it or who you spend it with!

Christmas At The Office – The Benefit To Decorating Your Work Space


With Christmas almost literally around the corner now, people all over the world are beginning to bust out those dusty boxes filled with old Christmas decorations to decorate the office and bring a bit of holiday cheer into work. This time of year it’s impossible to escape the Christmas buzz what with the songs playing on music systems in retail shops, your local coffee shop breaking out the holiday syrups and Santa Claus ringing his bell on street corners for charity money. But what about office Christmas? How does it benefit or hinder work performance? Read ahead to learn more.

Happy Employees = Productive Employees

It’s no secret that happy employees make productive employees and part of cultivating an environment that encourages happy employees is to allow things like decorating the office for Christmas. Did you know that Furniture at Work has started a competition for the best decorated office that comes with a cash prize? What better way to encourage team building than to get your team to band together to compete in their #DeckYourDesk competition for a chance to win a juicy £500! Not only that, but you will have a truly festive office to enjoy for the month of December! Win-win, right?

Don’t Be A Scrooge

If a happy employee is a productive employee then an unhappy employee is the opposite, right? Right! Not decorating for Christmas in the office can be detrimental to overall team morale, thinking of themselves just another human cog in the corporate chain and undervalued by management. This can actually cause employees to feel taken advantage of as well as potentially sow seeds of discord that can fester and cause huge issues later. We’re not saying this can all come as a result of not decorating for Christmas, but that can definitely be another nail in the coffin for an already precarious team dynamic, so why take risks? Just break out the garland!

Happiness In The Workplace Is Key To Longevity

Teams who decorate together, stay together. Okay, not always but creating a team environment by getting everyone on board with decorating can really bring the team together. Take it one level further and organise an office Secret Santa. Celebrating as a team is a great way to build relationships in the team and create your own little community that rely on each other and are willing to help one another when needed. Ultimately by doing simple things like getting in the spirit of various holidays throughout the year, whether it’s Christmas, Halloween, Easter or more can help keep employees happy and happy to remain with your firm for longer, ultimately reducing costs associated with retraining new employees when disgruntled existing ones leave.  

So if you’re looking to create an awesome, fun-filled atmosphere in your office, start by getting everyone to decorate. It doesn’t have to take away from the day and it doesn’t have to take forever, but by setting aside even one hour from your week you could be setting your team up for a great foundation of happiness and collective teamwork that will serve you well for years to come!